Export accounts

The following script will export all accounts to an import script.

It may be useful for quickly re-create all accounts on another server.


# this script should be run as root
# target for ZCS 7, single server deployment
# last update 2011-12-07

# customize these to your needs
# work folder must be writable by zimbra
exclude_accounts="admin wiki galsync system-ham system-spam system-virus-quarantine"
# get cos_id by looking at the web UI
zimbra_ldap_password=`/opt/zimbra/bin/zmlocalconfig -s | grep -e zimbra_ldap_password | cut -d '=' -f2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g'`
# ip of the zimbra server, must not be

# reset files:
echo  '' > ${import_script}

# get all account to $accounts
accounts=`su - zimbra -c 'zmprov -l gaa'`;

# loop for each account
for account in ${accounts}; do
  account_uid=`echo ${account} | cut -d '@' -f1`  
  echo ${exclude_accounts} | grep -q -e ${account_uid}
  if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then
    echo "Skip ${account}"

  echo "Processing ${account} ..."
  su - zimbra -c "zmprov -l ga ${account} uid givenName sn cn displayName userPassword mail > ${account_dump}"
  # get all basic attributes
  uid=`grep -e uid ${account_dump} | cut -d ':' -f2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g'`
  givenName=`grep -e givenName ${account_dump} | cut -d ':' -f2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g'`
  sn=`grep -e sn ${account_dump} | cut -d ':' -f2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g'`
  cn=`grep -e cn ${account_dump} | cut -d ':' -f2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g'`
  displayName=`grep -e displayName ${account_dump} | cut -d ':' -f2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g'`
  #userPassword=`grep -e userPassword ${account_dump} | cut -d ':' -f2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g'`
  userPassword_base64=`/opt/zimbra/bin/ldapsearch -H ldap://${hostip}:389 -x -w ${zimbra_ldap_password} -D "uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra" uid=${uid} userPassword | grep userPassword | cut -d ' ' -f2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g'`
  userPassword=`echo ${userPassword_base64} | base64 -d`
  # write csv file: echo ${uid} $givenName $sn $cn $displayName $userPassword 
  # generate import script
  echo "# ${uid}" >> ${import_script} 
  echo "zmprov ca ${account} ${userPassword} givenName '${givenName}' sn '${sn}' cn '${cn}' displayName '${displayName}' zimbraCOSid $cos_id" >> ${import_script}

  # get all aliases
  for newalias in `grep -e ^mail: ${account_dump} | cut -d ':' -f2 | sed 's/^ *//g' | sed 's/ *$//g'`; do
    if [ "x${newalias}" != "x${account}" ]; then
       echo "Extracting alias ${newalias} for ${account} ..."
       echo "zmprov aaa ${account} ${newalias}" >> ${import_script}
  # add blank line separator
  echo '' >>  ${import_script}
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